Wheels to legs for $150,000?

I guess miracles do happen… well with the help of extremely evolved technology that is. Radi Kaiof, an ex-Israeli paratrooper who became disabled during his time with the military had the opportunity to walk once again after 20 years in a wheel chair. His miracle was possible with the help of a partial robotic exoskeleton system designed and produced by ReWalk. At this point in development, the equipment costs $150,000 and is not widely produced, however in a few years, it is predicted that production will increase and the system’s price tag will come down. To view this equipment in action, check out this video.

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“Age in place” rather than worry about your place

Seniors face increasing worries these days including where to live after retirement, fluctuating gas prices, health issues and dwindling savings. Downsizing, or moving to a retirement home is often not what many want; preferring to stay in the place they have long called home. Referred to as “Aging in place”, many seniors are seeking out ways to stay where they are by making home improvements to accommodate a variety of health conditions or general mobility challenges.

Changing doorknobs to levers, adding a stairlift to overcome the barrier of stairs, or renovating bathrooms to make them more accessible are all ways of modifying the home to suit the changing needs of older adults. The web is becoming more populated with great ideas and resources including these sites:

Kohler (bathrooms)

Savaria (stairlifts)

Aging in the Home (general information)

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