Rolling Around the World for Change

27 year-old Zach Anner, winner of Oprah’s reality competition “Your OWN Show” showcases his abilities on his new show “Rolling Around the World with Zach Anner” (premiering on December 12). In season one, Zach travels from coast to coast in the United States, stopping in popular cities to rock-climb, bake, dance, surf, sail, and ski. Oh, and did we mention that Zach has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair?

“Rolling Around…” follows a very funny, positive, and authentic young man traveling the world and having an amazing adventure. Zach wanted to challenge himself and not be challenged by his disability. “I am so many things before I am a person in a wheelchair. Get to know the person. The chair is incidental.” This young man is following his dream and he hopes to give a voice to a population who really hasn’t had one.

Over the years, the media has slowly begun to give voices to underrepresented populations or minorities. Zach is helping us to take another step towards inclusion by bringing an on-air presence for people with disabilities. Zach Anner is about to embark on a journey centered on the adventures and not the barriers. We hope that he will empower and inspire persons with disabilities to push themselves to try the “impossible,” because this man has proven that he is capable of anything.

We are always excited to hear about exceptional people like Zach and we cannot wait to follow him on this adventure. We believe that abilities can far outweigh any disability one might have, and Zach really embodies this idea.

“No obstacle is too big. No mountain is too tall. No volcano is too hot. No Atlantis is too underwater or fictional” (Zach Anner).

What will your adventure be?