Therapy session for Savaria

Savaria was pleased to host ten ergotherapists last month at its Montreal area showroom.  In Quebec, an ergotherapist (similar to an occupational therapist) assists people in living an active, independent and healthy lifestyle after an accident or due to a disability.  The event offered a collaborative exchange between manufacturer and service provider where both groups could learn about each other.

Savaria showcased its mobility products including a stairlift and wheelchair lift by way of hands-on demonstrations.  The meeting also marked the unveiling of a new 28-page guidebook from Savaria, written especially for healthcare professionals.    “Products are only part of the story when you’re working to improve someone’s personal mobility, said Alex Bourassa VP Operations for Savaria Montreal.  “An ergotherapist has to look at the condition of the client today and possibly the future in order to prescribe the best solution.  In many cases, that means modifications to a person’s home.  We’ve tried to make that more clear and simple with our guidebook.  That includes telling someone when the product won’t be the right solution.  They have a demanding job, and we’re trying to make it just a bit easier. The ergotherapists are an important source of information for product improvement as well.  They can tell us first-hand some great tips and advice on what would help people live more independently.”

The excellent feedback only means that future sessions will continue to be held in Montreal as well as Toronto and Calgary.

If you are a healthcare provider who deals with personal mobility challenges or people with disabilities, you may order your free guidebook by completing an online form on the Savaria web site.


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