Changing the perspective on mobility


Mobility equipment comes in various shapes, sizes and forms but none of  the typical forms describe what one Baltimore school has installed.  Dedicated to caring for, and educating children with special needs, this Maryland school added inclined platform lifts (pictured left) to improve student accessibility.   There was just one small problem. When the safety arms of the machine came down, some children were scared by the new contraption. To take the fear factor out of the equation, a creative teacher came up with a crafty plan. The lifts would be painted  to resemble happy caterpillars that transported wheelchair-bound children over the obstacle of the stairs.  The previously frightening safety arms became the adorable caterpillar arms and the kids resisted no more.

Dennis Bartnik, President and CEO of 25 year experienced American Pride Remodeling, explained that the  installation of the three Savaria ES-125 inclined platform lifts were originally planned to be hand painted, but after more consideration, it was decided that decals would make for a simpler process with the same high impact results.   The installation and graphics were completed over several weeks and the happy caterpillar continues to stretch out his arms for its willing passengers.  Just goes to show you that accessibility need not be beige!


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